How To Invest

An Investment In The Future

The Chisholm Community Foundation will only spend interest and dividend income earned on its "trust". That interest can be invested back into the community for a variety of projects that will make Chisholm a better place to live. Such projects can improve:

  • Educational opportunities
  • Life for senior citizens
  • The area's environmental quality
  • The ability of young people to attend college
  • The beauty of the community
  • Support for the arts
  • The ability for local people to create projects

The Foundation also may be able to leverage other money into the community for worthwhile projects. A citizens board of local people will choose the projects that can benefit the community the most.

As years go by, the Foundation will help Chisholm continue its reputation as an All-American City.

Professionally Managed Today

A key success for the Foundation is to earn maximum interest on the money that has been invested by you.  Toward that end, the Chisholm Community Foundation invests its money with Minnesota Philanthropy Partners, a statewide nonprofit organization that manages money for many of Minnesota’s community foundations.  Because it has the resources and expertise, Minnesota Philanthropy Partners can make investment decisions that yield top rates year after year.  In addition, the state organization keeps track of local funds, and each year does an audit on the local foundation.


Local control of the CCF is in the hands of a ten member board of committed individuals who contribute many volunteer hours toward fundraising and managing the foundation’s investment.  If you would like to become an investor in Chisholm’s future, call the CCF office at 218-254-1101.

If you would like to become an Investor in Chisholm's Future, click below for a printable form that you can use to send in for your membership.

What is a "Family of Funds?"

Family of Funds are separate agreements made with an existing foundation, such as the CCF or the Minnesota Philanthropy Partners, and are created for the purpose and goal of the donor(s). These funds often illustrate affection for and commitment to a community or as an opportunity to honor or memorialize a family member, friend or special interest. A Family Fund can be managed by a designated group or individual or by an existing affiliated foundation. The donor defines the fund name, purpose, distribution and advisors. If you would like more information about creating a "Family of Funds" please call the CCF office at 218-254-1101.

1.       It is an initiative of the CCF Advisory Board to build their Family of Funds by allowing people to leave a legacy in their name.  In addition to the endowment, operating and community initiative funds, eleven Family Funds have been established with the CCF:  They are:

  • Chisholm Community Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Chisholm Public School Foundation
    • Robert Jon Corradi Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • Knights of Columbus Scholarship Fund
  • Chisholm Veterans Memorial Association Fund
  • Catherine Elizabeth Cox Family Fund
  • Philip Falcone Family Fund
  • Rudy & Mayme Gazvoda Family Fund
  • Ron & Carole Gornick Family Fund
  • Marturano Family Fund
  • NHS-Northstar Specialized Services Scholarship Fund
  • “Dr. Ben Owens Family Fund”

If you are interested in donating to any of the above funds or would like more information on how to start a Family Fund, please call the CCF office at 218-254-1101.  Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Tuesday through Friday.